A California teacher, secretly recorded, admitted to wanting to overthrow the US government. The teacher admitted to indoctrinating students to Antifa beliefs

The teacher may have pissed off some of his fellow Antifa affiliates by exposing their plans to start a confrontation at a school board meeting.

During the 2020 presidential debates, then-candidate Biden called Antifa just an “idea.” Democrats and so-called progressives alike have ignored the Antifa and BLM riots for over a year while pretending conservatives are dangerous, highlighting the January 6 event, which was obviously staged and full of FBI informants.

So-called liberals are good at projecting. It’s what they do best. So I am not surprised to learn about a teacher supporting Antifa and indoctrinating children with Marxist beliefs. There are several reports of whistleblower teachers that have exposed critical race theory and Marxist ideology in the school curriculum.

In the video below, Sarah Knopp, a Los Angeles teachers union leader, and Meghan Behrent, an NYC teacher, openly discuss indoctrinating students with radical socialist ideology.

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