It seems the Democrats will never stop using and exploiting the African-American community. And why should they? If something is not broken, then why fix it?

As if Black Lives Matter had not done enough damage to the Black community, now there is a new fake-pro black organization that will embarrass the African American community; it’s called “Black Voters Matter.” or “BVM.”

Like its predecessor, BLM, BVM is a radical left-wing group that attaches everything to racism. The Federalist reports- BVM sought to claim ballot postage is an example of a poll tax in the state of Georgia.


Judges in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th CircuitĀ dismissed the lunatic fringe requests of (BVM), labeling it “Frivolous.”

Democrats have been desperately trying to get rid of voter ID, likening it to “Jim Crow” laws. Ironically, Democrats have been pushing vaccine passports or proof of ID, and I have yet to see much push back from BLM or BVM.

Something to think about, liberals want you to have a passport to enter a restaurant, and have access to other facilities, and even for employment. Still, they have a problem with voter ID even though for four years, it was Democrats that accused Trump of stealing the 2020 election and cited Russian collusion. Oh, but now voter ID is racist. The fact that Black people are still falling for this shit is embarrassing on all levels.

Black America is nothing but a tool that liberals use to push their socialist, communist agenda. The invasion of Marxist operatives into the Black community has been devastating.

The game is rigged, and Black Americans are nothing but pawns on the chessboard.

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