CNN has seen its ratings fall into the toilet bowl after Trump stepped out of the White House. They no longer have their boogeyman to keep them afloat. And they are tanking. They have become one of the most trusted news networks to an absolute joke. In fact, some people actually give credence to what a standup comedian has to say, than anything reported on CNN. But this is a result of 5 years of fake news airing 24 hours a day.

According to Nielson data, CNN could not crack 1 million viewers in 53 out of 92 days. OUTKICK reports, CNN has lost 50% of its viewership in primetime slots when compared to the summer of 2020.

Losing credibility is no way to keep an audience tuned in when claiming to be a news source. As I have stated before, Trump may not have drained the swamp, but he damn sure exposed the media. If Trump didn’t do anything else while he was in office, he showed the world how mainstream media twists stories to fit a particular narrative and how the fake news media tend to race-bait, using minorities, particularly African Americans, as pawns on the chessboard.

Yes, CNN may have won the battle of getting Trump out of the White House. But at what cost? How long will it take for CNN, MSNBC, FOX News, etc., to regain the American people’s trust? My guess is at some point, these networks CNN in particular will have to change their lineup of primetime hosts at least.

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