How long will the shit show go on? Maybe not much longer. A new Axios/Ipsos coronavirus index shows Americans are losing faith in Biden’s ability to provide accurate information concerning the Coronavirus.

IPSOS.COM reports a recent poll showing that fewer than half of poll participants say they trust Biden, resulting in a 13 percentage point decline since the presidential inauguration.

It is important to note how important the handling of the pandemic is to the Biden administration. The pandemic was used as a weapon to remove Trump from the White House. Wouldn’t it be ironic if that is exactly what ends up happening to Biden? With all of the extreme mandates, mainly in Democrat ran cities, people are starting to get just a little sick of this so-called “new normal.”


Democrats may not realize it now, but they may just be playing with fire regarding Biden’s vaccine mandates. It is no secret that the Dems love to pander to the Black community while selling false hope. But Democrats have pushed vaccine mandates on the entire country. Black people in America lead the nation among the unvaccinated. That means the very people the Democrats are leaning on for votes are the same people they are cutting off from society with their vaccine mandates. BLM has turned on the Democrats already, labeling proof of vaccination as a way to profile racially.


Protests worldwide are breaking out simultaneously, and at this point, some people feel as if they have nothing to lose. In New York, small business owners trying to recover from their losses during the pandemic now have to deal with the loss of potential customers due to vaccine mandates.

In 2022 the Biden administration will face several challenges as his honeymoon phase ends. The Democrats are desperately holding on to power using what’s left of the hysteria from the pandemic. But it seems the Democrats have dedicated so much of their time trying to take down Trump that they did not prepare for life after Trump. It appears Democrats believed they could ride the pandemic wave to 2024. But even some Democrats realize that they may be in serious trouble. NEWSWEEK reports Democrats could lose up to forty seats in 2022. While they may seem to be confident on camera, behind the scenes, Democrats are hitting the panic button. This is why I believe at some point, they will throw Biden under the bus and install Kamala Harris as President.

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