Up and coming rapper Loza Alexander has made a hit classic for conservatives to dance to. His single “Let’s Go Brandon” is a reference to the NASCAR reporter that lied during an interview claiming the crowd behind her was chanting ‘Let’s Go Brandon” while they were really chanting “F-ck Joe Biden.”

Loza Alexander’s single quickly rocketed to number one on Itunes and has become an instant classic.


Usually, liberals would attack an individual such as Loza Alexander and most likely label him a racist. Except there is just one problem, Loza is Black. So the race card is thrown out of the window. But don’t you worry, the little lefty liberals managed to pivot and use there other favorite weapon of choice, ‘Cancel Culture!”

Reclaim the Net reports Tik Tok has canceled Loza Alexander for Bullying.

“TikTok is planning on removing the Let’s Go Brandon record from TikTok they sent me the ban info!!!!”  Loza Wrote.


It seems as though the little leftists are crying like little bitches because the most popular President ever, Poopy Pants Biden, is being mocked, and apparently, that is illegal. You can speak ill about Trump as much as you want. No one is going to cancel you. The biased mainstream media will applaud you for insulting Trump. But the moment you say something about one of these little soy boy leftists, you will be labeled an insurrectionist and maybe even put on an FBI terrorist watch list.

So let the libs have their cancel culture. But they will not be able to stop the great awakening. F-CK Joe Biden is not just something people are saying. It’s what people are feeling. And this is only the beginning. Sleepy, sloppy, poopy pants Biden will not be able to hide for next 3 years.

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