Chicago’s Mayor Lightfoot has implemented the draconian covid vaccine mandate on the city’s law enforcement officers. Of course, it had been met with much resistance as it should be. FOP union President John Catanzara issued a public address warning that the police force could be at just 50% or less for the upcoming weekend due to the vaccine mandates.

Even though Chicago is a notoriously crime-ridden city and faces the loss of more than half of its police force, Mayor Lightfoot doubled down and said she is not changing her tone. She would even use the typical leftist rhetoric that we are so familiar with, claiming that the (FOP) is trying to induce an insurrection.

“What we’ve seen from the Fraternal Order of Police leadership is a lot of misinformation, and frankly flat out lies, in order to induce an insurrection, and we’re not having that. The law is on our side. We feel very confident about it,” she said.


On social media, leftists are laughing at the Chicago PD, assuming that only corrupt police officers will be fired or quit.

As you can see from the Twitter thread, libs have completely attached covid vaccines to personal work ethic. Here’s how the typical lefty thinks, if you’ve taken the vaccine, you are a good employee that deserves a raise. If you refuse to accept the vaccine, you are a selfish, Qanon supporting, right-wing extremist that should be arrested for the events that occurred on January the 6th, even if you weren’t there.

It will be interesting to see what happens in the long run as Mayor Lightfoot has completely lost control of the city. With gang violence causing a record-breaking number of deaths throughout the city, you would think Mayor Lightfoot would be thankful that a qualified officer would work in Chicago. But no, Lightfoot probably feels as all Marxists feel, the police are evil until they need to call the police for themselves.

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