The big dilemma for the elites, how to convince people that they have to be vaccinated to be protected from covid while at the same time trying to convince the already vaccinated that the vaccines are not effective enough and they must get their boosters.

The narrative is being destroyed right before your eyes. Minnesota Vikings player Dakota Dosier is currently hospitalized even though he is fully vaccinated and mainstream media is quiet as hell. This news comes shortly after Packers QB Aaron Rodgers tested positive for Covid and was blasted for being unvaccinated and failing to follow the NFL’s Covid protocols. The problem here is Rodgers, while not vaccinated, has recovered. While Dosier has been hospitalized.

To show you how nasty these vax pushers are, certain people on social media have wished Rodgers were hospitalized instead of Dosier. It’s becoming more evident that the vaccine pushers could care less about the effectiveness of the vaccines, but they are more concerned with pushing the narrative of the elitists that rule over them. However their narrative is beginning to unravel so fast that they can no longer explain the point of it all.

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