LIBERALS CLAIM:”Biden’s Economy Is Strong, But You Wouldn’t Know It | The Mehdi Hasan Show.”

Now we know the real reason Youtube is hiding the dislike button. Liberals are scrambling to cover up Biden’s horrible economy as inflation has become a talking point that lefties can’t seem to distract the American people from.

As Bill Clinton once said, it’s the economy stupid. So stupid is as stupid does. What’s the solution the Biden administration came up with to stop the negative coverage of his failed economy? You guessed it, force reporters to give him more favorable coverage.

The New York Post reports

“The White House has been secretly begging news organizations to give “favorable” coverage to President Biden rather than focusing on his failings, according to a report.”

“The administration is “not happy” with the unflattering headlines and coverage of the supply-chain disaster and handling of the economy — and so “has been working behind the scenes trying to reshape coverage in its favor,” CNN’s Reliable Sources said.’

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