In an era of fake news, mainly from the left, it has become apparent that the game news media has no blinders. For the entirety of Trump’s presidency, the news media reported fake story after fake story, which Hollywood stamped with its seal of approval. But if you have been paying attention, the tides are turning just a bit.

Sarah Silverman tried to fact check MSNBC’s Joy Reid in a Twitter post where Reid alluded to Gov. Desantis’ civilian-military force being fascist.

“So… y’all know this is fascisty bananas, right…?” Reid tweeted.

“Please read the article before you post this stuff. You’re a news outlet. The truth has to matter,” Silverman told Reid. 

Little did Silverman know that she would receive backlash from the very party that she supports. One of the hosts from the view accused Silverman, saying a black woman is not reading.

Silverman addressed the situation on her podcast.

“But more than I like her and more than I don’t like him, I care about what is true. And how it’s presented by news outlets,” Silverman said. “I just feel like the far-right is nuts… and I worry that anything beyond what’s absolutely true dilutes the power of what is true.”

“We can’t even critique anyone in your own party without punishment,” Silverman said. “One of the hosts of The View was like, ‘What hubris for Sarah Silverman to accuse a Black woman of not reading,’ Oy! Jesus H. – What the f- I f—ing surrender! I cannot believe I need to say this, but I did not criticize Joy-Ann because she’s Black, but because she’s a Harvard-educated journalist with the responsibility ideally of showing the whole picture and not just a piece of a picture.” 

It’s funny as hell seeing the left eat their own. They seem to have forgotten only to race-bait and cancel the right. I guess a decade of canceling conservatives has gotten boring, and now liberals have become the hunted.

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