The vax train keeps speeding forward full speed ahead. Communist California now requires health care workers to be triple vaxxed. I guess the definition of fully vaccinated means nothing at this point—new variant, new requirements. The jokes about getting ten jabs per year may not be as far from the truth as we had all hoped. At some point, at least I once thought, people may start to consider if the vaccine is as effective as advertised, then why the boosters, the mandates, and why the fear-mongering? After all, shouldn’t an effective vaccine be enough to stop the spread, or at least that is what they once claimed? Now the new claim is rare breakthrough cases are caused by the unvaccinated. The only problem is in instances such as the NFL’s covid outbreak with 95% of their players reportedly vaccinated; it is becoming harder to blame the unvaccinated for these new outbreaks. This whole narrative is sinking just as fast as the Biden administration’s approval rating and the entire Democratic party, for that matter. To put things off now, the mainstream media openly admits that experts will change the definition of fully vaccinated. This means very shortly; the vaccinated will no longer be vaccinated. I wonder how long before the so-called experts began to scream that the boosted are no longer boosted. It sounds like I’m joking, but I’m not. If you leave it up to these so-called experts, the pandemic will never end. Boosters will be never-ending.

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