As several news outlets have reported over the past two years, people are fleeing liberal cities in droves. Whether it’s the cost of living, violent crime, covid restrictions to include vaccine mandates, blue state residents are fleeing to red states like never before.

Some of these blue state defectors have left their liberal city nightmare without leaving their liberal ideology behind. This has raised concerns among conservatives who see their communities being flooded by liberal woke, “normies.” that have yet to figure out that it is their wokeness that destroyed the community in which they fled. One Florida man had a very special message for individuals with New York license plates. The Palms Beach Post reports, the man placed a note on their windows urging them to leave Florida if they are woke.

As you can imagine, some lefties were triggered by this, and it would have been funny, except the libtards on social media have no clue why he did what he did. Apparently, lefties see nothing wrong with high crime rates, smash and grab thugs, boosters every three months, and constantly being under the threat of another lockdown. This is why I was forced to give up on lefties. They simply love authoritarianism and get extremely upset with individuals that love freedom.

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