Anti-Vaccine Mandate Protests

The Covid narrative is slipping out of the hands of big pharma, mainstream media, and, most importantly, the Biden administration. With Americans becoming increasingly frustrated with the constant flip-flopping of the so-called experts, opinion polls reveal that Americans just don’t trust their take on science anymore.

A new NBC poll shows that 7 out of 10 Americans believe the country is on the wrong track, and 53% of the country disapprove of Biden’s handling of Covid.

While mandate supporters say the mandates are the only way to get back to normal, even NBC News was forced to admit that the momentum is swinging in favor of the anti-mandate movement. In Washington, D.C., anti-mandate protesters showed up in the thousands.

Politically speaking, Americans caring less about Covid cases may be a massive problem for Democrats who have relied heavily on Covid as the significant distraction of the many failures. Now that Biden has a full year in the White House, it is becoming harder to place blame on the previous administration. Americans have new concerns that seem to be more important than Covid. One major concern for many Americans is how quickly violent crime has risen, especially in Democratically ran cities supply chain failures; the Covid narrative was something the Democrats needed to hold onto if they were even going to have a shot at holding on to political power as the midterms loom in the background. Democrats fear the coming red wave will hit like a tsunami this coming November.

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