Unbelievable! This post comes from the CDC after two years of this bullshit pandemic, and one full year of vaccine nazis telling us if we don’t get the jab, then we are somehow white supremacists and murderers.

One of the leading causes for vaccine-hesitancy has been the risk of vaccine side effects. One of those effects is blood clots. Yes, blood clots have been among the most talked-about side effects among the vaccine-hesitant due to the number of people reporting blood clotting issues after receiving the jab. The CDC is attempting to brain wash the public by normalizing blood clots.

For months now, conservatives and some independents alike have noted the anomalies that have occurred, such as irregular heartbeat, blood clotting, heart attacks, etc. Perfectly healthy athletes, mainly soccer players, have had heart attacks in the middle of games. Yet not one mainstream media outlet reported on it or dared to ask if the vaccine was to blame. Yet, here we are a whole year after the rollout of the covid vaccine. We are now supposed to believe that teenagers and athletes suffering blood clots are unusual. In other words, the so-called elites are telling you to get used to it.

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