Truckers are heading from across the country to Washington, DC, to protest against vaccine mandates. The inspiration for the convoy/protest came from the Canadian freedom convoy.

The NY POST reports the trucker convoy heads towards DC as the Pentagon okays deployment of the National guard.

The California Organizer released a statement encouraging participants in the “People’s Convoy” to be brave.

“To our brave and courageous neighbors to the North — our Canadian brothers and sisters who led the charge — we join your call to Freedom with THE PEOPLE’S CONVOY,” reads the California organizers’ statement.

“To the truck drivers around the world: Now is your time to stand up. Now is your time to usher in a renaissance time of freedom,” organizer Brian Brase told a rally of several hundred people before the group set off Wednesday. “Do not bow down.”



In a very much divided country, it is easy to get caught up in political rhetoric, listening to political talking points that use the political divide to their advantage. Like Rham Emmanuel once said, never let a good crisis go to waste. However, the protests against vaccine mandates are not about politics. It never was. Independents have sided with the protesters from the very beginning. But you cannot tell that to most liberals. They believe the only people against covid restrictions and vaccine mandates are Whites Supremacists, Far-right extremists, and Qanon followers. That cannot be further from the truth. But they believe that.

Liberals are not only pushing back against the protest, but they are also calling for the trucks to be impounded, plus truckers to be fined and arrested. What was troubling was when I saw a thread on social media with apparent liberals asking for truckers to be replaced by autonomous vehicles—not realizing that this is precisely what the deep state wants to do replace humans with machines.

Okay, I get it you want to take the opportunity to attack your political opponents. However, what so-called liberals tend to fail to realize is that the same tyranny used to beat down political opposition will also be used against them by the powers that be in the very near future. Be careful what you wish for.

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