Biden’s approval rating just keeps dropping as time goes on. A Washington Post-ABC POLL shows Biden’s rating at 37%. The post highlights that the country sees the economy worsening, disproves of his leadership in key issues ( the post did not mention what those key issues are.), but most importantly, just a most polls show, the nation prefers that Republicans control congress.

It’s not unusual for a President to lose a little steam as they get deep into their first term, and Americans realize that the president won’t be able to keep half of the promises that he has made. But Biden’s situation is somewhat unique. Not only did Biden supposedly receive more votes than any candidate in history, but he also had the full support of mainstream media and big tech.

You would think with every mainstream news outlet backing Biden that he would have a higher approval rating. But Biden’s low approval rating should be considered a warning to politicians, and mainstream media alike. The truth is the American people just don’t trust them anymore. Biden is the symbolic representative of the old political system. He is old, bumbling, stumbling, lying, projecting, and nobody wants to hear from anymore.

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