Australia is removing ATMs at a rapid pace.

The Daily Mail reports “close to 460 bank branches have shut down across the nation in recent years, and dating back to 2020, approximately 3800 previously active ATMs have been removed.”

Australia seems always to be a few steps ahead of the rest of the world in this so-called great reset. Australia was among the most strenuous as far as lockdowns and covid restrictions throughout the pandemic. Australia was in some ways the “poster child”   or the model country for what the elitists are hoping to turn the world into. Now it seems Australia is once again leading the charge in the next phase of the great reset, as Australian banks go all digital.

Some of you may be wondering what’s the big deal, so what if there are fewer ATMs? And if the country goes entirely digital, who cares?  Well, the problem at hand isn’t just that Australia seems to be heading towards a cashless society, but also Australia is ruled under a dictatorship. In 2021, the Australian government threatened to freeze people’s bank accounts that had unpaid covid fines. The entire country was under a brutal draconian police state with curfews, penalties, covid fines, and lockdown measures which made George Orwells 1984 seem like it had become a novel based on reality and not fiction.

With the mishandling and the abuse of its citizens during the pandemic, I would never trust the Australian government to treat the people fairly. And a cashless society will give way for more authoritarianism and bring the country closer to a complete dictatorship. The government will be able to clamp down on anyone that disagrees with its policies. Trust me, that’s precisely the way they want it. You speak out against our system; we suspend your accounts.

Furthermore, it has always been the plan to go cashless in Australia even before the pandemic. You can find evidence of this dating back to 2018 when the National Australian Bank introduced its plans for a cardless, contactless, future.

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