Poopy pants Biden is now in favor of funding the police. Yep, you heard right; Biden said at the SOTU address that the solution to protecting communities is not to defund the police but to “fund the police” with resources and training.

BLM responded to Biden’s fund the police statement on social media. It seems that the Democrats will now try to pivot from the far-left and try to move more towards the center. Groups like BLM/Antifa will be disappointed, I’m sure, but I don’t think Democrats are still in the business of catering to them. Congratulations BLM. You have been used, and you are no longer needed. You can go bye-bye now.

Amazingly, it took two years to conclude that defending the police was not good for the nation, and even more so, it’s not good for them politically. But we all know that the sudden change in rhetoric is not because Dems have come to their senses. The only reason the left is backtracking is that the 2022 midterms are fast approaching, and crime has shot up in record numbers across the country, especially in urban areas. Defunding the police is something that has come back to bite liberals in the ass. It has become a right-wing talking point with liberals looking incompetent and ill-prepared to lead the nation.

The question is, will liberals be able to spin this issue and somehow convince Americans that they never promoted defunding the police. If there is one thing liberals and mainstream media is good at, it’s rewriting history.

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