So now that America has the new crisis to deal with, I notice that liberals are now acting as if they were not so gung-ho about forcing people to wear masks and vaccine mandates. But I predicted this two years ago. These idiots were never as afraid of the coronavirus as they pretended to be. It was always political. From the very beginning, the libs screamed the pandemic was Trump’s fault. So, in short, all of the bullshit that we have endured over the past two years is because libs are assholes. I know they want to move on, but I’m not letting them off the hook. They are responsible for every small business that was forced to shut down, for every healthcare worker that was forced to quit their job because they did not want to take an experimental vaccine. They are responsible! Never let them off of the hook. When the real data comes out about the vaccines, make sure to remind them that they backed and supported these mandates.

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