UCF is championing the New World Order QR code. Yes, even college football is used to promote the globalist agenda.

The Orlando Sentinel reports-

“We wanted to be the school that embraced it,” UCF coach Gus Malzahn told Sports Illustrated. “At the old traditional schools, there’s a lot of dynamics. Yeah, they’re for it but really, they’re not for it.

“We are a school that can fully embrace it — the young school, social media. It fits with us.”

According to the the Orlando Sentinel , the uniforms store information and can be scanned by a smartphone. The globalists elites have been promoting the idea of track and trace for decades, but the pandemic saw the plan come unveiled in the public domain. The uniforms are a tangible reminder that there are individuals with a lot of money, power, and influence that would love to monitor and control your every step. Some may feel the QR-coded uniforms are hip and cool, but I would argue that this is a lame attempt by deep state operatives to normalize and popularize being tracked.

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