In a hilarious video, a news reporter asked Chicago Mayor Lightfoot, “How Could You Possibly Even Consider Running for Re-election as Mayor of Chicago After All the Harm You’ve Caused?”

Mayor Lightfoot may be the worst mayor that Chicago has ever seen. That’s saying a lot because Chicago is known for being notoriously corrupt. But Mayor Lightfoot has done such a piss poor job, including but not limited to pissing off the Chicago police union with her vaccine mandates. Losing the support of police and fire unions would be an obvious red flag for any incumbent Mayor running for re-election. However, Mayor Lightfoot is so delusional that she has no idea that she seems to think virtue signaling is more important than addressing the city’s consistently rising crime rate.

In some ways, Mayor Lightfoot is the embodiment of everything wrong with the Democratic party. Race-baiting and virtue signaling was a trendy thing circa 2015, but what far-left liberals have yet to figure out is that 2022 has the year of devolution and revolution. Many African-Americans, as well as other minorities groups, have had enough of empty promises. This is why most political polls show a trend toward minorities moving over to the Republican party. Even for those who choose not to become conservatives are now claiming to be independents.

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