Multiple reports have been pouring in concerning several mysterious fires and explosions at food plants. Most notably, the Taylor Farms packaging building which up in flames. NEWS CHANNEL KION 546 reports, the Salinas fire department has labeled the building is a total loss.

“About 85% to 90% of the building is a total loss. There are parts of the building that are separate that are still operational. But as far as the main processing facility, it is considered a total loss,” said Salinas Deputy Fire Chief Sam Klemek.


In Oregon, CCC NEWS reported Vegetable and nut oils brought fierce flames at the Azure Standard warehouse and main office in Dufur on Monday, April 18th when the building caught on fire for reasons that are yet unknown.

“Lights flickered; They heard a pop and went up there to check it out and there was a fire,” according to a report made to Wasco County 911 records listed in the Wasco County Sheriff’s log


These are just a hand full of the fires that have occurred over the recent weeks, but there are reportedly 20 of these incidents that have not received much news coverage. Other than Tucker Carlson, there has not been much talk about these fires in the mainstream press.

Naturally, the lack of news coverage has the so-called conspiracy theorists questioning things. And why not? Why wouldn’t they? When you have a government that has lied about literally everything concerning covid for the past two years, why would you not question whether there was something nefarious going on with these food plants? In April of this year, President Biden warned Americans that food shortages would be a “real thing”. Now, this. It makes you wonder. Could it be the elites have figured out that the pandemic sham is no longer working and that blaming Russia for the food shortages is not something the American people are buying into? Maybe, just maybe, if there are problems with the food plants and farms, then the blame can be placed on the facilities and not on the government—just a thought.

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