Yet another decade-long conspiracy theory has come true. It was once theorized that at some point, the globalists would begin putting assbags, aka “fart catchers,” on livestock to help reduce carbon emissions. Of course, so-called normies laughed at this theory, claiming it was just another tinfoil hat coo-coo story. However, that coo-coo hat story has become a reality and is now in the mainstream.

Metro reports Prince Charles is all giddy about the gimp masks that will be placed on cows’ mouths. The masks are intended to “neutralize the methane they omit in real-time.”



The climate change nazis have absolutely lost their fucking minds! These assholes are now putting gimp masks on cows to capture their burps. The idiots will read the report from Metro and think it’s a good idea. But trust me, it won’t stop there. At some point, every human being in the entire world will have to carry a smartphone which their respective governments will monitor. There will be climate patrol officers and officials located in every city. Each individual person will have to report to their local climate official their daily mileage, whether it be on foot or by motor vehicle. Climate taxes and fees will be implemented for those who go over a specific number of miles per week.

The new pandemic is going to be climate change. You can look for draconian laws to implement, along with the censorship of anyone who opposes the climate change rhetoric that will be pushed by politicians and mainstream media.

Already, Twitter is banning ads that have been labeled as “climate denial.”


The elites, such as Bill Gates, advocate that we no longer eat meat. Gates has been at the front of beyond meat products and plant-based foods. Yes, we can all see where this is headed. In the next couple of years, the food crisis will be the big talking point. It is evident that the elites have orchestrated an attack in farms and food plants.

The food crisis will also tie into the climate change agenda. We will be encouraged (threatened) to eat next to no meat, with claims of food shortages and environmental concerns dominating the airwaves.

In 2013, TIME.COM published an article entitled, “They’re Healthy. They’re Sustainable. So Why Don’t Humans Eat More Bugs.” Once again, another conspiracy theory that turned out to be true. Many so-called conspiracy theorists had stated it that the globalist elites would cause a famine, manipulate the weather, and force humans to eat bugs as a part of their daily diet.

Not to continue on with this rant, but at some point, the public has to stop being so Goddamn stupid! People must realize that powerful groups intentionally manufacture 95% of the crisis we live through. While they (the elites) push regulations to cut down on carbon emissions, they (the elites) are driving in gas-guzzling vehicles and flying in private jets. While they (the elites) are orchestrating a food crisis, paying farmers to kill off their livestock, destroying food plants, which will then give them a reason to outlaw meat consumption, they (the elites) are enjoying T-bone steak dinners.

Neither the globalists nor their political front men have your best interests in mind. Wake the hell up!!!

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