Yet another conspiracy theory is proving to be true. After years of speculation and rumors of the secret cabal crashing economies to bring them to bring about a cashless society, we see the first sign of this becoming a reality here in the United States.

In April, one of America’s most beloved baseball parks, Fenway Park in Boston, announced that fans would no longer be able to pay with cash at any ballpark’s concession stands.

CBS BOSTON: Attorney General Maura Healey says her office is taking a closer look at the switch in payment methods.

“I know it’s a problem because not everybody has moved to plastic. Now Fenway’s got a system that they’re putting cash on cards, but the question is whether that really is equitable and fair to people,” Healey said on GBH News’ Boston Public Radio Monday. “



In my opinion, Fenway Park’s cashless payment method is just a test run. It’s a trial run for the elites to see how people react to no longer being able to pay with cash. The trial run allows the elites to collect data and stratagize ahead of the collapse of the US dollar. The globalists always run tests, and trials exercises before the real event. Yes, they may have started with a ballpark but cashless environments will become the norm in Stadiums, restaurants, movie theatres etc.

In the end, we will be in a completely cashless society, which will then give the globalist elites the ability to not only monitor every transaction and every item that you purchase, but it will also provide them the power to determine who can buy and sell. One example of the elites acting in this manner occurred during the Canadian trucker’s convoy. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the Canadian government attempted to freeze and starve the truckers by blocking all donations. In fact, “go fund me” banned all donations to the truckers. This was just an example of what a cashless society could look like. A society where your government has Complete control over everything you do, everything you say. Any group protesting against government authoritarianism will have their funds clipped with no alternative option.

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