There seems to be a lot of speculation on whether the WHO’s “planned pandemic treaty” would give the WHO power over the US. Essentially, the US would be handing over its sovereignty and giving it to the WHO.

Steve Bannon and Michelle Bauchman believe this will be a big power grab by the World Health Organization.

However, Verify states that this claim by Bannon is false. Verify claims that the WHO will not have power over the US but instead will offer assistance. Earlier this year the US proposed several amendments to the International Health Regulations. The amendments include adding early warning criteria, a request to provide genetic sequence data, and outlines a timeframe for when and how countries can ask the WHO for support.

The WHO’s General director Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus responded to the claims of a WHO takeover with the following statement.

“Unfortunately, there has been a small minority of groups making misleading statements and purposefully distorting facts. I want to be crystal clear. WHO’s agenda is public, open and transparent. WHO stands strongly for individual rights. We passionately support everyone’s right to health and we will do everything we can to ensure that the right is realized.”

Watch Tucker Carlson’s monologue:


Who is telling the truth here? I’ll let you know what I think. I believe the WHO is gearing up for a takeover. Whether it is in the Amendments or not. I don’t think the WHO will just be offering assistance. In the wake of a new pandemic, our corrupt government will be in lockstep with the World Health Organization, taking orders and enforcing draconian mandates. This so-called “fact check” is nothing but a ploy for the normies not to be alarmed and to go back to sleep.

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