Beta Boy Beto O’Rourke used the tragic mass shooting in Tx as an opportunity to attack his political opponent, Tx Governor Gregg Abbott. During Governor Abbott’s presser, which was held to address the Tx mass shooting, Democrat scumbag Beto O’Rourke lashed out at Governor Abbott and shouted at him before being escorted out by the authorities.

Beto would then go to press like the opportunists that he is.


Beto O’Rourke is nothing but a deep state operative. Tell me something we do know. Here is why the little stunt he pulled is significant. Democrats, RINO Republicans, and the deep state apparatus are in desperation. They have collectively lost the trust of the Ameican people. The political paradigm and the mainstream media have lost their stronghold on the hearts and minds of the people.

The bad news is that the deep states desperation can and more than likely will turn into more “false flags” moving forward.

The closer we get to the November Midterms, the more false flags we are likely to see. Just think about it; we have seen three mass shootings in two months. How crazy will things get in late August and early September?

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