Adding to the potential looming food crisis, it is now being reported that the Ukrainian troops have been caught burning grain in Mariupol.

“Yan Gagin, the adviser to the chairman of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR), said “There is a large amount of grain on the territory of the Mariupol port, this is both corn and wheat. Judging by the smell and appearance, it is unsuitable for further use… And this is due to the fact that the enemy, retreating from the port, set fire to the granaries so that this grain would not go to the Donetsk People’s Republic, so that it would be impossible to use it in any way.”

If this is true than every major news publication should report it. But it’s not even mentioned a single one of them. Interestingly enough, there has been called for grain trains to save Ukrainian farmers. It might help if Ukrainian troops weren’t burning wheat to the ground.

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